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Essay Writing Tips - How to Write a Persuasive Academic Essay Topic

In a nutshell, an academic essay constitutes a structured form of academic writing students encounter in college, school, and university. The most typical purposes for such writing are first to present some fresh new pieces of knowledge or to utilize already known facts and data in order to bring forth certain ideas. Both these ends are met by academic essays. In order for one to be able to craft such a written communication, there are certain measures that one must adhere to. These measures are listed below.

The first measure of an academic paper is its central idea. This idea is what holds the entire bulk of the essay together and makes it what it is. It is essential to come up with a strong central idea for the essay so that the bulk of the writing is not bogged down by too many smaller ideas. The central idea should be persuasive enough to make one want to pursue further reading on the paper.

The second step involves the structuring of the essay. In order for one to effectively structure his/her essay, he/she must pay close attention to the way one utilizes the paragraphs and the language in order to achieve the desired effect. For example, in order to effectively write an essay, one must keep the paragraphs concise so as not to leave the reader with an impression that the writer is rushing his thoughts. In addition to that, the length of the paragraphs should match the length of the essay. The perfect guideline in doing this is to keep the number of sentences ranging from one to three per paragraph, inclusive of endpapers, to a maximum of five.

The third step involved in writing an academic essay involves the introduction. In this part, the essayist takes full advantage of the opportunity to communicate the benefits of his/her topic to the reader. This is done through the introductory paragraph. It is imperative that the introduction presents information about the topic in such a way that it allows the reader to learn more about the topic.

The fourth step in writing academic essays is the conclusion. Unlike the introduction, in this part the essayist must make use of less words while trying to establish the main point. He/she should however still maintain interest by making sure that the conclusion does not wander too far into the subject. It is recommended that the conclusion restate what was stated in the introduction and the first paragraph.

The fifth step is very similar to the introduction but only if the focus is on the body of the academic essay. In this step, students must consider the structure of the essay and determine the order that best accomplishes the task. Academic writing standards advocate having the title and topic appear on the top of the page and at the end of the essay. However, other writing experts recommend placing the topic after the title and the name of the author. This makes sense as the topic is a part of what makes the essay.

The sixth step in academic writing involves editing the essay. The goal here is to improve the clarity of the message that has been conveyed in the written piece. One way to do this is by arranging the essay in the correct order. In order to achieve the right order, one must rearrange the sentences and the paragraphs in order to organize the essay properly. Only in this way can the entire essay be given a sense of order and flow.

Finally, in order for the essay to be persuasive, the writer must effectively connect his/her arguments with the data and information that has been presented. This is where the writer must remember to use strong verbs. It would be advisable to avoid using simple tenses, unless you are familiar with the use of the said tense. The use of negatives should also be avoided as much as possible. Good academic essay topics should not only provide information but should also make the reader feel as if he/she was an active participant in the development of the information. The key to writing persuasive essays is to make the reader see himself as a participator in your research.

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